DATE : 31 st MARCH 2019.



KOLKATA – 700071

General Information Tender No.: T-03/18-19

The applicants are required to furnish full information to the queries included in this form. In giving the particulars, the supporting documents/certificates as called for per queries at places, must be tagged with the application for evidencing the information furnished in the application.

1. Name of the firm in full :

2. Address, Telephone No.,

  • Fax No. & E-mail :
  • a) Address :
  • b) Telephone No. :
  • c) Mobile No of Key Personnel. :
  • d) E-mail ID :

3. Status of the organization :

4. Trade License No.

(Please attach a photo copy of the license) :

5. Banker’s name

  • (a) Name of the Bank :
  • (b) Name of the Branch :
  • (c) Account No. :
  • (d) IFSC No.
Note : A copy of Banker’s Certificate to be attached.

6. Registration No.

GSTIN : PAN :A copy of such Certificate to be attached.

7. I. T. Permanent Account No.:

8. Financial Capacity : Year (2017-2018)

  • (a) Fixed capital :
  • (b) Loan : Bank & Others :
  • (c) Other Liabilities
  • (d) Fixed Assets :
  • (e) Investment :
  • (f) Currents Assets
  • (g) Others

I/we hereby certify that the particulars furnished by me/us above are true to the best of my / our knowledge and belief and mis-representations of facts will render me/us liable to my/our action as may be deemed fit by Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata & have the sole discretion to reject or accept my/our candidature

(Signature of the Applicant)Office
Stamp/Seal.Place :Date

List of attachments:

The following Eligibility Criterion should be complied with by the Tenderer.

1. Bidders should have a minimum turnover of Rs: 01 crore per annum in last three financial years (2015-16, 2016-17 & 2017-18). Proof (Profit & Loss Account) to be attached.

2.The tenderer should have minimum continuous experience of 10 (Fifteen) years in providing independently round the clock security and housekeeping services by deployment of security personnel in any reputed Institution of medium size or above and or sponsored by Directorate General of Resettlement (DGR) .Proof for having continuous service of minimum 10 years to be uploaded.

3. The tenderer should have a minimum 3/4 (three/four) running contracts for providing security services in a reputed manufacturing industry or Institution of medium size or above at the time of tendering; the name and addresses of the clients where running contracts are in existence are to be uploaded.

4. The tenderer should have strength of not less than 50 Security guards and Housekeeping Staff at the time of tendering, proof to be uploaded.

5. The bidding firm should have registered the firm under relevant law – proof of registration (certificate of incorporation/Firm registration Certificate to be enclosed; for partnership firm certificate copy of registered partnership deed to be uploaded).

6. The firm should have valid ESI & PF registration numbers. Copy of allocation letter and copy of latest remitted challan shall be uploaded.

7.The firm should have valid GST registration Number and PAN numbers. Copy shall be attached.

Other Conditions :


  • a) Age: Between 25 yrs. & 45 yrs. (age should be strictly adhered to)
  • b) Qualification +2 pass.
  • c) Languages to be known: Should be able to speak, read & write in Bengali, Hindi & English.
  • d) Number of ASO required: 1(I Shift) + 1(II Shift) + 1(III Shift) = 3

B) Security Guards:

  • a) Age: Between 21 yrs. & 45 yrs. (age should beStrictly adhered to)
  • b) Qualification: good physique and literate.
  • c) Languages to be known: Should be able to speak, read & write in Bengali, Hindi & English.
  • d) Number of SG required: 1(I Shift) + 1(II Shift) + 1(III Shift) + 1(General Shift) = 4.
House keeping staff : General shift : 2 nos.

2. The Contractor shall not appoint any sub-contractor or sublet or assign or transfer any of his rights under the agreement to other persons. In the event of any such transfer or assignment, the agreement shall, at the option of company, stand terminated and security deposit deposited by the contractor will be forfeited.

3. The security guards and ASO shall be rotated at frequent intervals without affecting the work so that familiarity can be kept to the minimal to deliver the duty effectively, with the exception of Museum.

4. Firm should provide the uniforms, other accessories, arms, etc to the Security Personnel deployed and good turnout is to be maintained. This aspect has to be strictly adhered to. A regular supervisory night checkup is to be carried out. Details regarding such process and report to be furnished.

5. GST is to be specified by you including the rate at which the Tax is paid and you are to enclose latest valid registration certificate under the relevant tax.


Bidders who have quote other payment terms & condition having financial implication will be loaded as per Andrew Yule’s norms. The company reserves the right to accept any tender irrespective of whether it is lowest or otherwise or to reject any or all tenders without assigning any reason thereof. Affordability of the rates is also a criterion in finalizing the offer.


If any dispute arises between the company and the contractor, as to the terms and conditions of the agreement or method of compliance thereof, the procedure as laid down in Indian Arbitration & Consolidation Act 1996 will be adhered to.


In case of strike, accident, natural calamity, acts of god and other unforeseen contingencies causing stoppage of normal function at our remises, AFA reserves the right to cancel and/or modify this contract without liability for compensation and/or claim of any description.


While evaluating the Price Bid, the total cost for ASO & Security Guards will be taken together and compared. Housekeeping staff will be dealt with separately. While, the bid qualification requirements are the minimum basic requirements to get the bids accepted, the capability of the bidder will be assessed by AFA and based on the assessment, the company shall accept or reject the techno commercial bid, even though they meet the minimum bid qualification. AFA assessment in this regard will be final.


1. The security personnel being deployed by the bidder shall be in proper uniform. Supply of uniform, whistle, lathis, torchlight’s and required accessories to the security personnel is the responsibility of the bidder.

2. The duty personnel deployed at main gate/factory gate shall report for respective shift duty, 30 minutes ahead of the duty shift time.

3. The reliever shift guard of a particular shift shall report to the security incharge of the company and ensure that his arrival is documented in the duty roster at the main gate.

4. The Security Agency should ensure that no duty post should fall vacant due to the shortage of manpower for whatsoever reason it may be and should ensure proper turnout of their security guards.

5. The relieving shift guards shall collect all necessary information that need to be collected from the shift guards of the previous shift before they take charge of their respective duties.

6. The reliever shall make necessary entries in the duty roster and take over the duty charges.

7. The duty shift guards on assuming morning shift shall ensure that the various department keys are drawn only by authorized personnel and relevant entries of key withdrawal is recorded in the key register. Likewise relevant entries should be made, when night shift duty personnel of various departments deposit the key for safe custody, at the gate.

8. The main gate guard shall ensure that the main gate is kept open and closed as per the shift schedule timing of the company.

9. The shift guard at the main gate shall note down the particulars of the late coming employees and ensure that their entry are restricted to the grace time as specified by the management.

10. The gate duty personnel shall entertain the visitors as per the instructions given to them. However, the government agencies or officer’s on duty can be allowed to meet the Accounts Officer or Administrative Officers after checking up over telephone with the respective Department.

11. The visitors shall be allowed only after getting concurrence from the concern management official and such visitor shall carry visitor pass. Relevant entries are made in the visitor register whenever the visitor makes entry and exit. The visitor pass shall be collected back and their signature shall be obtained during exit time also.

12. The visitors must be allowed only during the specific time as notified by the management.

13. Visitors shall not be permitted with candid cameras, cell phone with cameras, guns, explosive, children, pets etc. No personal belonging of visitor shall be taken under custody especially cash etc. at the security office.

14. The gate duty personnel shall ensure that the vehicle bringing material to the company shall accompany all supporting documents.

15. The vehicle shall be permitted inside only on confirmation from the respective official, store, and addressee. Once the vehicle being allowed inside the factory on conformation, the guard on duty shall make relevant entries in the material incoming register and endorse at the back of the supporting document with the particulars of the entry number, date, time and official seal.

16. If the part of the material is to be unloaded, the guard should detail one escort to accompany

17. The out going material shall be thoroughly checked for supportive documents, and the authorized signature shall be verified at the gate. The gate guard shall make relevant entries in the material outgoing register and endorse the supporting documents with particulars of date, time, vehicle number with office seal etc. He shall retain the quadruplicate copy at the security office.

18. The gate personnel shall thoroughly note down the name of the employees those who tend to go out either for official job or personnel job during shift time.

19. The duty personnel shall not engage in conversations with employees or outsiders during shift duty time.

20. No drunken employee shall be allowed inside for duty.

21. Dismissed, suspended employees, Employees of other AYCL units, Employees of group companies and for such other employees specified by the management if any, shall not be permitted inside the premises without concurrence from the management.

22. The main gate lights shall be switched on at dusk and switched off at dawn.

23. The duty personnel shall be well versed with the phone numbers of senior official, security official, police, fire and ambulance service for meeting any emergency situations.

24. The keyboard shall be locked latest by 22.30 hours and sealed off. If any of the keys is to be drawn for emergency purpose during odd hours the duty personnel at gate shall entertain such request only with official letter from the company authorized person. Security personnel shall accompany for witnessing the opening and closing of the particular section.

25. The duty personnel shall note down any message that needs to be passed on to any official, duly in the message register and action taken shall be passed on to the next shift guard at the time of shift change over.

26. At no point of time the security personnel shall leave the security post unmanned.

27. The main gate shall be locked and sealed off latest by 22.15 hours everyday and shall be opened at 05.00 hours next morning. The relevant entries must be made in appropriate register.

28. Incoming vehicles other than specified for Galleries , Auditorium & Conference Hall (with preissued limited no. of Gatepasses) should be thoroughly verified before entry.

30. All registers and records must be sent to AO of the company for endorsement every day.


1. The contractor shall comply with all the provisions as required under the appropriate acts of Government and also statutory requirements as applicable.

2. The contract will be for a period of twelve months with a provision to extend by one more year, on mutual discussion.

3. The security personnel shall perform the duties round the clock on all days of the month & year.

  • SHIFT TIMINGS: I shift :6 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • II shift :2 p.m. to 10 p.m.
  • III shift :10 p.m. to 6 a.m.(next morning)

The shift timings shall be strictly adhered to and no guard shall be allowed to continue beyond their stipulated shift timings, for whatsoever reason it may be. Any absenteeism on duty , has to be made up by the firm by deploying guards at their resources. The contractor will ensure that after every 6 days of work, a weekly off (for full day) is given to his ASO & guards and this aspect has to be strictly adhered to.

7. submitted should be made available to Principal Employer and enforcement officer under each statutory Act.


You have to quote the monthly charges per duty for each duty (8 hrs.) for ASO and security guards strictly as per Central Government Minimum Wages Act, applicable to Industries classified as Urban Agglomeration (UA) falling under Area A, in your Price bid. Your Price bid will contain item by item, details, split up like Basic Pay, Dearness Allowance, ESI, PF, Bonus[Restricted to 8.33% =(Basic + DA only)as ceiling limit for payment], gratuity etc. You have to quote your service charges and GST (with break up of CGST & SGST) separately (both components, to be quoted separately), without mixing up with salary components, mentioned in the above paragraph.

4. The bidder shall submit the details of the residential addresses etc. of the personnel proposed to be deployed by him within one week from the date of award of contract.

5. The requirement of Security Guards and Housekeeping staff may vary subject to requirement of services for Academy of Fine Arts : Kolkata , Kolkata.

6. Income-Tax as applicable will be deducted from the wage /salary bills payable. The tenderer on awarding contract, shall produce the firm’s PAN No.

8. Payment will be made on monthly basis after receipt of pre-receipted invoice along with proof (Challan copy) of ESI & PF contribution paid and with attendance particulars duly certified by the personnel department. Subject to this compliance only monthly payment shall be released. The money will be transferred by NEFT/RTGS to your bank account, for which Bank Account details are to be provided. The contractor should ensure submission of periodic returns as required under prescribed law. In case of any increase in minimum wages during the operation of the contract, the management will pay the increase in wages subject to your producing relevant proof for increase in salary (giving the revised offer) as well as payment made by you on the basis of the revised salary. There will be no other increase in rates (including service charges etc) other than the minimum rates notified by the central government. No reliever charges will be paid separately.

9. Advance information will be given in writing to the contractor about the daily requirement of security and housekeeping personnel. The contractor shall provide the required number of personnel every day. Whenever there are less contract security personnel than the required strength, the company shall employ personnel at the risk and cost of the contractor. The necessary supervision and control of security personnel will be with the contractor alongside the company’s officer incharge. Any amount which becomes due to the company on account of the above shall be settled either by way of direct payment of such amount through cheque to the company by the contractor or recovery from the bill/s due to the contractor or Bank guarantee. The contactor should not stop supply of any of his employees abruptly; the contractor before change of any employee should give at least a minimum notice of one week. This is important from the point of view of continuity of work

10. The company reserves the right to terminate the contract by giving one month notice without assigning any reason thereof.

12. The firm can visit our campus site on any working day between 15 hrs. to 17 hrs. for discussions if any.