1.The allotment of the auditorium shall be made for the year from January to December for which the theatrical groups, clubs, organisations and institutions shall be required to fill their respective applications including the names of the groups, choice of dates during the year and the purpose for which the auditorium is required. The Auditorium can be booked by theatre groups or by commercial entities for the year 2017 by collecting this prescribed application from the office of the Academy on payment of RS.200/- between 7th September and 7th October this year (2016). The application form is to be filled in English only. After filling the same, it is to be submitted to the office of the Academy, latest by 5.00 p.m on 7th October.
2. For allotment,each application will be considered on its merits by the Management of the Academy, particularly the applicants past record and credentials etc. Allotment of the auditorium shall be made to the applicants on being approved by the Management for the year 2017 and on such dates as would be deemed appropriate at its absolute discretion. It should however, be understood and accepted by the applicants that the dates, timing and number of shows of opted by them in their applications are only their preference and not to be construed as dates of final allotment.
3. The Management of the Academy is also under obligation to allot the auditorium to upcoming theatrical groups. However, the management of the Academy will endeavour to ensure that the number of allotment of the auditorium as have been made to various groups during the preceding year are not drastically reduced.
4. In this context it is also to be clearly understood and accepted by the Applicants that the management of the academy is neither bound, nor committed to any theatrical groups or organizations in respect of allotment of same numbers or show dates every year. Allotment of dates to the groups or organizations is subject to the number of applications received and the number of “Show Dates” requested for.
5. The management of the Academy will make all endeavours to meet the requirements of specific theater groups, especially in terms of allotments in group foundation day/ Jubilees/ Festivals etc. However, aspiration of all the theatre groups may not be satisfied in such respect, if the date overlaps with others.
6. For organizing Theatre Festival, organizer has to give a separate application in their letterhead.
7. The maximum duration of an allotment is 4 hours. If performance exceeds the stipulated time, an amount of Rs.2500/- per hour will be charged extra.The group theatre will have to mention their arrival time & departure time on attendance register kept in office(Maximum grace time 15 minutes) it will followed strictly by the groups.
8. (a) During morning show, the hall will be handed over to the respective group by 8.00 am. However, the party will have to vacate the hall sharp by 12.30 noon (For preparation of next show).
(b) During maintee show, the hall will be handed over to respective group by 12.45 pm. However, the party will have to vacate the hall sharp by 4.45 pm.(For preparation of next show).
(c) During evening show, the hall will be handed over to the respective group by 5015 pm. However, the party will have to vacate the hall sharp by 9.15pm. Additional charge will be levied for extending the show hour. This rule will be followed only on Sundays & Holidays.
9. For decorating the campus with lighting on festival days, the group will have to deposit Rs.200/- per day for three days’ festival, Rs.300/- per day for four days’ Rs.400/- per day for seven to ten days’ for consumption of electricity and for using space. While entering main gate, left Road side opposite to Lawn, are marked for such decoration.
10. (a) permission must be taken from the Management in advance by the organizers for any videography to be done in the auditotium during the performance. A charge of Rs. 1500/- has to be paid.
(b) The Academy will charge for the display of Commercial Banners at the rate of Rs. 500/- sq. ft. within the premises of the Academy of Fine Arts (subject to acceptance of display by AFA).
(c) Incase any Group Theatre / Organisation wants to put-up a Gate then they must leave a space of 10 Feet from the Main Gate subject to prior written permission of the management.
11. On receipt of allotment letter, booking charges including caution ceposit will have to be made in Bank in thirty days (30 days) in advance before Schedule show without and fail.Should a Group / Organisation / Institution fail to deposit the required charges 30 days in advance, the management reserves the right to cancel the allotment at their sole and absolute discretion without making further reference to the defaulting party.
12. All the payments will have to be made in Bank of India in cash / demand draft only in our A/c No. 402620100000886, Jawaharlal Nehru Road Branch, Kolkata-700016. (Near Everest Building) through Academy Challan (available in office) or through NEFT/RTGS (account to account transfer) IFSC: BKID0004026.On producing bank payment receipt in our office, the office will issue an official receipt confirming your payment and subsequently issue Agriculture Income Tax Form and Amusement Tax Permission Form.
13. No drama / play / Theatre organized by a group, organization or institution, will be allowed in the Auditorium unless the dates thereof are expressedly confirmed by the management in favour of the concerned group, and the scheduled charges are deposited with the Academy on due dates as specified in the preceding paragraph.
14. For stage rehearsal without AC only working light will be provided by the academy, for additional use of second system, the group will have to make an extra payment (Rs. 600/- for each mike & one line for playing audio system).
15. The theatre groups are advised to vacate their set materials (For stage performance) from the Academy premises on same day on completion of their show. However in extreme emergency, with prior permission from the office, they may be allowed the keep their set materials just beside the toilet (specified area). But rupees five hundred (Rs. 500) per day will be charged to avail this facility with sole discreation of the management(Maximum for seven days). After 7 days academy has the right to vacate the place without further notice to the party. Any inflammable material is strictly prohibited.
16. No mutual exchange of dates already allotted to the groups by the Management is permitted, without the prior approval of the Management. For this purpose, groups intending to exchange the dates mutually should prefer join applications duly signed by them.
17. In case any theatre group is unable to perform on a certain date, they musr surrender the date to the Academy within 20 days.
18. Non-Compliance of these rules will be considered as “Breach” which might effect future allotments in respect of the defaulters.
19. Two or Four Ushers who are approved by the management of the Academy, mustbe engaged by the organizers and payment to the Ushers must be made by them directly. 20. If the applicant is bound to close down any of his / her / their performance in the auditorium due to failure of electricity or any act of nature, Riot. Strike etc., the permission to use the Auditorium shall be treated as null and void and the Applicant shall have to claim against the Academy. Money will not be refunded but any cancellation date will be given.
21. Management of the Academy reserves the right in add, alter, and amend the above terms and conditions as and when required at its absolute discretion.
22. All Registered Theatrical Groups and other organisations who are performing their respective Dramas / Shows in the auditorium of the academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata are hereby requested not to stick any hereby requested not to stick any of their Posters / Biils / Banners or any kind of Pamphlets whatsoever on the walls of the Counter Rooms or on trees in front of the Main Gate or on any side of the Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata. Failure to comply might affect future allotment.
23. Academy may provided parking space only for Four cars for the performing group subject to availability of sapace. Parking charge will be levied for additional cars (including Visitors) subject to availability. The system will be devised by December end this Year.Truck (small / Matador / Goods Carrier can only park for 4 hours and not more than that for Loading / Unloading the stage materials . However, the facility can not be claimed as matter of right.
24. As per the rules laid down by the West Bengal Fire & Emergency services, Issued in August 2014, all passage and corridor leading to exit doors should be kept clear for speedy evacuation of auditorium public in case of emergency.
Hence, the front aisle between the stage & the front seating row and the two passages leading to emergency exits towords gallery cannot be obstructed by installing or positioning of any lighting, music, videography system there.
25. In the Green Rooms(gents & ladies), 5/15 mp electrical socket should not be used for heater for preparing Tea / Coffee etc.
26. Kindly inform us your acceptance within 7 days after receiving allotment here.
27. Arrival & Departure time should be maintained in Attendence Register kept at Academy office.
28. Duration to play should be mentioned in the application form.
Thanking you and assuring you of our best co-operation as always.