Rules & Regulation

1.All painting must be framed and all exhibitions must be displayed systematically.
2. Don't use cello tape or adhesive Lashes on wall / Partition boards / Floors etc.
3. Don't lean on wall.
4. Display Clean Canvas only. Don’t use untidy or old Canvas as if makes the walls soiled. Yon yourself
5. Don't adjust the light fillings. It required the Electricians of the Academy will do the needful.
6. Don't take any food or tea inside the Gallery.
7. Don’t consume Alcoholic drinks.
8. Exhibition fees could be displayed outside the main gate only however small poster or Frames (size 12”x12”) could be displayed on the Board placed on both sides before Gallery entrance.
9. The Gallery administration does not hold itself, responsible to give any assistantaned for the moved display or storage of exhibits.
10. The exhibition can not be stored in the gallery after the show.
11. Chairs & Tables should no be kept close to the walls as it can create marks on the walls.
12. The Gap between two paintings should be minimum 12”
13. The applicant can not bring any furniture, screens, lights or any other equipments from outside without Permission from the gallery / administration.
14. If the gallery is to be closed beyond its control, such as stroke natural calamity or special govt notification ; no refund of rent will be made by the gallery. If the authority decided to close the gallery either it will provide and thid day in lines of the closed day or will refund the rent for the day.
15. The rules are subject to alteration and modifecation at any time at the discretion of the management Committed.