All the Artists and Groups of Artists are hereby intimated that the Gallery booking process for the year 2019 has already being started. They are requested to visit our website to book the galleries for the coming year 2019 and 2020.

  • A Heritage that We are
    Really proud of.

  • Sustaining the flow of Arts and Culture
    for a long period of time.

  • Experience the conference
    with great Personalities.

  • Witness how the
    History comes to life.

  • Be a master of your own Art.

  • The perfect instance of beauty with brilliance, a lady who was a great connoisseur of art and culture .

Important Notice


Friends ,
With reference to the exhibition gallery timings each day in the Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata-I would like to bring forth a proposition / proposal, in front of you all to gather your support and collaboration.
 On behalf of Executive Committee, I,Mr Kallol Bose ,Jt. Secretary, Academy of Fine Arts, would like to propose an modification in the timings for the gallery to open for the exhibitors and the people who come to the institution to view art.
I believe a bit more early opening hours each day will benefit the artist community and the public simultaneously. This will allow a better communication, a much relaxed viewing possibility and also a boost of support for the struggling artist community who come here with much dreams.
The present opening hours: 3pm to 8pm each day.
The proposal of the NEW opening hours: 12am to 8pm each day.
All that we have noticed, the major museums / galleries or exhibiting institutions do function to extend as much support possible- for the arts and community.

It’s an observation that I would like to share with you all, for the benefit of both the artist and the patrons.
Awaiting for your advice and response eagerly.

Thanks and regards

Kallol Bose

Jt. Secretary,

Executive Committee.

Academy of fine Arts.

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Academy of Fine Arts is a non-government cultural institution on which was established in 1933. The first president of the academy was Maharaja Prodyot Kumar Tagore from his early childhood he was familier with the vast and variegated art collection of his family. The academy was under the stewardship of this keen art connoisseur for long ten years. The academy then had no building of its own. Its annual exhibition were held in the Indian Museum building on chowringhee road. The activities of the academy was limited to holding annual exhibition

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