1. The Galleries of then Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata can be booked by Artist/Group of Artists(Not exceeding seven artistsnin group) Diplomatic/Missions/ Galleries/ Commercial / Institutions (Govt. or non Govt.) by obtaining the prospectus along with the Application Form. The cost of the prospectus long with the Application Form is Rs 200.00, however applicants desirous of obtaining it through post/ courier should include Rs.100.00 towords charges.
2. Galleries shall be booked on weekly basis(i.e. seven days). The Managing Committee may consider an extension of the time period of an exhibition with valid reasons in the interest of promoting of art as per the objective of Academy.
3. Allotment letters shall be issued at least 90 days in advance from the scheduled date of their respective exhibitions.
4. All requests for booking of galleries must be made presorbided Application Form of Academy of fine Arts. No reservation can be made on verbal request.
5. Applicants must fill up the application form with biodata and paste a recent self photograph (passport size) dor solo show. For group shows bio data of all participating artists with recent self photo of passport size should be attached. It is mandatory to mention about the best exhibition held in the Academy.?
6. Applicants should enclose CD/DVD of their recent artworks, For a solo show it should contain minimum 5 nos.of recent artworks, a bio data and a self photo. For Group shows four artworks, bio data of each artist with self photpgraph is required. Failure to submit a complete Application Form with CD/DVD and bio-data is liable to be cancelled. Kindly note that CD/DVD will not be returned.
7. One Application for either ‘solo’ or ‘Group’ show by an artist shall be cancelled. For Solo or Group exhibition the Gallery cannot be allocated for consequitive years.
8. Each Gallery allottee shall be provided with a display board at the main entrance to display on poster of 20”*25” on that.
9. Commercial rate shall be applicable for private art school, college, institutions (Govt. or non Govt.), diplomatic missions, etc. Non-Commercial applicants may subject N. G. O. certificate for non-commercial use of a Gallery.


Booking for the year 2016
(January till December)
Will be accepted between
1st to 31st August 2015
10. All Gallery allotment safely depends on the discretion of the Managing Committee in all respect.


11. On receipt of the allotment letter, amounts mentioned (including charges for the gallery with security deposit) must be made within the specified date mentioned in the letter. In case payment is not received within the specified date, the allotment made shall stand cancelled. Payment in favour of “Academy of Fine Arts” is to be deposited in our Account with Bank of India, Jawaharlal Nehru Road Branch, Kolkata-700016. A/C No. 402620100000886, IFSC: BKID0004026 and send forward a scan / photography not then bank receipt to the office.

Security Deposit

12. Refundable Security Deposit of Rs. 5000/- has to be paid in the Commercial category Rs. 3000/- for Group & Solo shows is payble in advance alongwith the gallery booking charges. The refund of the security deposit should be claimed by the applicant within a month of the completion of the exhibition. Unclaimed deposits will lapse to the Academy after a year and be treated as a donation. Cost of damage or loss will be recovered from the Security Deposit of the applicant or demanded from the applicant.


13. All exhibits such as Paintings, Drawings, Photographs and Graphics Prints should be suitable framed and displayed on the walls of the Exhibition Galleries. No nailing on wall or hanging from celling will be allowed .The Management of the Academy reserves the right to cancel an exhibition, even after its inauguration, for failure to comply with this rule. No Refund (except Caution Money) will be dmissible to the Artist/ Organisation.
14. Use or display of articles, products or publicity material such as banners, CD, Books product of commercial use etc. Will be treated as a ‘Commercial Exhibition’ and the accommodation charges will be levied accordingly.

Security Deposit

12. Refundable Security Deposit of Rs. 5000/- has to be paid in the Commercial category Rs. 3000/- for Group & Solo shows is payble in advance alongwith the gallery booking charges. The refund of the security deposit should be claimed by the applicant within a month of the completion of the exhibition. Unclaimed deposits will lapse to the Academy after a year and be treated as a donation. Cost of damage or loss will be recovered from the Security Deposit of the applicant or demanded from the applicant.


15. Display or installation of objectionable exhibits in any Gallery, if found violating the ethics of the Academy, will not be permitted and may force the management of the Academy to cancel the exhibition. No refund (except caution oney) will be even admissible to the Artists/ Organisation. The management, at its sole discretion, may consider against any further allotment of gallery in future to the artists / organization.


Applicants are requested to Read the rules & regulations Carefully before submitting The Application Form
16. Display of hoarding, banners,posters on any other such publicity material of any Commercial Organisation inside the galleries or the Academy’s premises will invite a charge of Rs 5000/- per banner/ poster / hoarding for exhibitions other than commercial.
17. Use of Alpona by chalk/ paint/ any other kind of material on the floor and walls of the Galleries is prohibited.
18. Use of cellotape or any type of glue on the Walls/ Floors/ Wooden/ Stands/ Pedestals of the Exhibition Galleries are strictly prohibited. Any violation will invite a penalty of Rs 2000/-from the applicant
19. Only One Application. Either ‘Group’ or ‘Solo’ by an artist will be accepted. In case of more than one applications made by any artist for ‘Solo’ or ‘Group’ exhibition.
20. Applicant who are allotted in the Central Gallery are requested to complete their “Opening” program by 06:00 PM sharp as that Gallery is adjacent to the Auditorium where theatre is held.
21. No Food or Beverage will be allowed to be served inside the galleries except for drinking water. Use of plastic disposal cups is prohibited for enviromental reason.
22. Smoking of Tobacco or use of Narcotic Drugs inside the galleries is strictly prohibited.
23. Consumption of Alcohol inside the premises of the Academy is strictly prohibited.
24. Applicats allotted Exhibition Galleries shall use the same including its furniture, fittings accessories, equipment and articles with utmost care and caution. They are requested to desist from dirtying the walls with shoe marks etc. on cause any damage to the furniture. Electrical fitment items etc. Allotees will be liable to make good in full cost of any damage caused either willfully or accicentally.
25. Should an Allotee be compelled to close down his / her exhibition due to a electrical power break down / riot / strike / bandh or an act of nature such as flooding days, if any, will have to be borne by the Artist(s). No further extension of exhibition dates or refund of accommodation charges are admissible.
26. Exhibition Galleries will remain open for visitors everyday (except National/ Festival Holidays/ Durga Puja / Lakshmi Puja / Kalipuja) from 3p.m. to 8p.m. including Sundays. However, galleries booked for commercial exhibitions shall be open to visitors from 12 noon to 8 p.m.
27. On the day of the inauguration of an Art Exhibition, the Gallery will be made available to the applicants at 11.00 a.m. for making necessary arrangements for display of the exhibits must be completed by 3 p.m.i.e before visitors commence entering the galleries.
28. On the last day of the exhibition. All exhibits must be removed from the Gallery latest by 9 p.m.
29. Parking space will be available for the Gallery and to be obtained from office against money receipt subject to availability of the space.


30. In case, any change in the subject matter of the exhibition is required or any additions / alterations in names or artists from those submitted in the management of the Academy at least one month before commencement of the exhibition, in writing. Bio-data and CD/DVD of recent worksof the additional artists must also be submitted alongwith the applicants requesting change / addition. The decision of the management is the final. Noncompliance may lead to cancellation of the Exhibition by the Academy and no refunds will be admissible.
31. The Management of the Academy reserves the right to revise tarrif and to cancel / reschedule allotment dates and galleries, only if inescapable. In such cases the applicant will be duly informed about iternate dates / gallery. If for any reason, the rescheduled dates / amended gallery is not suitable to the artist(s)/ exhibitors, the Academy need to be onformed at least fortyeight hours after receiving the allotment letter.
32. The Academ’s galleries are to be utilized only for display of visual Arts. Performing Arts, in the exhibition galleries, is NOT permisable.


33. Exhibitors who have paid their reservation Charges and Scurity Deposit in full are entitled to the following at the Academy.
(a) Use of alloted gallery for exhibiting his / her / their Art Works for the specified period.
(b) Use of electrical energy through lights and lans already fitted in the Gallery for the period of allotment of the Gallery. Any additional electricity consumed by way of additional lights / fans etc. will have to be paid for (if provided).
(c) Available pedestal stands for placing sculpture, four chairs and one table for each gallery will be provided by the Academy.
(d) Clenliness of the exhibition galleries.
(e) No food or Beaverages are allowed in side the Gallery.
34. For Slide / Film shows etc…. should there be any additional requirements of light points, electrical energy etc. the management must be informed at least one week in advance, in writing, of the specific items required. A flat rate of Rs. 500/- per day will be charged for the additional electricity consumed.
35. Video Photography inside the Exhibition Galleries must have the prior sanction of the management of the Academy unless the same is being done by the members of the Electronic Media / TV Channels. Artists wishing to carry out video photography for personal use will be charged at flat rate of Rs. 500/- per day. The video photograph has to be organized by the exhibitors.


36. All information related to allotment of galleries will be dispatched by ordinary post only in exceptional. Circumstances it will be dispatched by courier. The Academy will not be held responsible for postal irregularities, delay or losses, if any.


37. All Commercial Exhibition (where sale of exhibits such as painting, sculptures, photography, books, textiles, music cassettes etc.. are envisaged) require clearance of the commercial Tax Office. Central Section (W.B) 14, Beliaghata Road, Kolkata-700015.


38. If the booking of a Gallery is cancelled at least 60 days in advance from scheduled date of allotment in writing, the Academy will refund 50% of the basic charges and the entire Security Deposit to the applicant. 39. For cancellations of booking of galleries, made in writing, less than 60 days but more than 30 days in advance of scheduled date of allotment of gallery, the academy shall refund 25% of basic charges and the entire caution money to the applicant. 40. For cancellation of bookings, made in writing, less than 30days of scheduled date of allotment of gallery, the Academy shall refund only the Security Deposit.


41. In view of the increasing demand for the exhibition galleries of the Academy. It my not always be possible for the Management to allot galleries and dates strictly as per the choice of the applicants. The Management therefore reserves the right to allot galleries and dates depending upon their availability.


42. Submission of application from by applicants will be treated as acceptance of the Rules and Regulations stipulated above.